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Dedicated to alternative power and energy saving. We offer Turnkey solutions on Solar Power, water heating and energy / electricity saving solutions.

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Everexceed - Solar Pumping Water System

Everexceed Water Pumping System Solar Pumping Inverter Power
Solar pumping system consists of solar panel, solar pump inverter and pump. Store water instead of store electricity, no need battery, it can reduce system cost and maintenance cost. Solar pumping system becomes more and more popular, it can be applied to daily use (underground water), agriculture irrigation, forestry irrigation, desert control, pasture animal husbandry, water supply for island, wastewater treatment engineering, and so on.

General Specifications

SystemSolar Pump InverterPV ArrayAdapting AC Pump
No.ModelRated PowerInput DC VoltageMPPT VoltageOutput AC VoltageOutput FrequencyPowerMotor PowerRated Voltage
1IP750L0.75280-430300-3503 phase 2200-50/600.6-0.8250.5-0.70.37-0.553 phase 220
2IP1500L1.5280-430300-3503 phase 2200-50/601.125-1.651-1.50.75-1.13 phase 220
3IP2200L2.2280-430300-3503 phase 2200-50/602.2521.53 phase 220
4IP3700L3.7280-350300-3503 phase 2200-50/603.3-4.53-42.2-33 phase 220
5IP5500L5.5280-350300-3503 phase 2200-50/605.55-6.755-63.7-4.53 phase 220
6IP750H0.75450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/600.6-0.8250.5-0.70.37-0.553 phase 380
7IP1500H1.5450-750300-3503 phase 2200-50/601.125-1.651-1.50.75-1.13 phase 380
8IP2200H2.2450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/602.2521.53 phase 380
9IP3700H3.7450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/603.3-4.53-42.2-33 phase 380
10IP5500H5.5450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/605.55-6.755-63.7-4.53 phase 380
11IP7500H7.5450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/608.25-97.5-85.5-63 phase 380
12IP11KH11450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/6011.25-13.810-12.57.5-9.23 phase 380
13IP15KH15450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/6016.5-19.515-18.511-133 phase 380
14IP18KH18450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/6022.520153 phase 380
15IP22KH22450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/6027.82518.53 phase 380
16IP30KH30450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/6033-3930-3522-263 phase 380
17IP37KH37450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/604540303 phase 380
18IP45KH45450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/605650373 phase 380
19IP55KH55450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/606860453 phase 380
20IP75KH75450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/6083-9873-8655-653 phase 380
21IP100KH100450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/60113-140100-12475-933 phase 380
22IP150KH150450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/60165-195150-180110-1303 phase 380
23IP225KH225450-750500-6003 phase 3800-50/60225-300200-267150-2003 phase 380

  Everexceed Solar Water Pumping System Brochure

Lorentz Submersible Pumps

Lorentz Submersible Solar PumpsLorentz Products         Lorentz Submersible Pumps Brochure

BERNT LORENTZ Co. is specialised in solar-operated pump systems and considered one of the leading manufacturers in the field. Founded in 1993 in Hamburg, Germany, LORENTZ today has more than 150 employees and is represented in more than 100 countries. Our local service partners maintain a close link to the customer and guarantee professional support, installation and maintenance.

LORENTZ provides solar water pump systems, solar tracking systems and photovoltaic modules as well as all related hydraulic and electronic components. The pump portfolio spans a nominal power range from 0.15 kW to 21 kW, covering lifts of up to 350 m and flow rates of up to 130 m3/h.

PS1200 HR/C

Lift up to 240m 770ft, Flow rate up to 20 m3/h5,300 US Gal./h4,440 UK Gal./h 72-96 V DC
Part number: PS1200 HR/C

PS150 C

Lift up to 20m 65 ft, Flow rate up to 5.0 m3/h1,330 US Gal./h1,110 UK Gal./h 12-24 V DC
Part number: PS150 C

PS1800 HR/C

Lift up to 250m 810ft, Flow rate up to 51 m3/h13,600 US Gal./h11,300 UK Gal./h 72-96 V DC
Part number: PS1800 HR/C

PS200 HR/C

Lift up to 50m 160 ft, Flow rate up to 2.7 m3/h720 US Gal./h600 UK Gal./h 24-48 V DC
Part number: PS200 HR

PS4000 HR/C

Lift up to 350m,130ft, Flow rate up to 70 m3/h18,700 US Gal./h15,600 UK Gal./h 168-192 V DC
Part number: PS4000 HR/C

PS600 HR/C

Lift up to 180m 580 ft, Flow rate up to 11 m3/h2,930 US Gal./h2,440 UK Gal./h 48-72 V DC
Part number: PS600 HR/C


Lift up to 160m 520ft, Flow rate up to 130 m3/h.a
Part number: PSk

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Grundfos Submersible Pumps          Grundfos Submersible PumpsBrochure

Grundfos Products
Grundfos is a global leader in advanced pump solutions and a trendsetter in water technology. We contribute to global sustainability by pioneering technologies that improve quality of life for people and care for the planet.

SQ Flex 1.2-3
Motor MSF3 1 x 90-240V, Rp 11/4 -10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz, 2m motor cable with integrated MPP-tracking.

Part number: SQ Flex 1.2-3

SQ Flex 2.5-2
Motor MSF3 1 x 90-240V, Rp 11/4 -10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz, 2m motor cable with integrated MPP-tracking.

Part number: SQ Flex 2.5-2

SQ Flex 3A-10

Motor MSF3 1 x 90-240V, Rp 11/4 -10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz, 2m motor cable with integrated MPP-tracking.

Part number: SQ Flex 3A-10

SQ Flex 8A-5
Motor MSF3 1 x 90-240V, Rp 2 -10%/+6%, 50/60 Hz, 2m motor cable with integrated MPP-tracking.

Part number: SQ Flex 8A-5

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Lorentz Surface Pumps

Surface Pumps are high quality products designed for water transfer, pond management and irrigation applications where a surface pump is required.

  Lorentz Surface Pumps Brochure

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Lorentz Swimming Pool Pumps

Centrifugal solar pump system, especially designed for swimming pool filtration and recirculation, filter installation and thermal solar collectors for flow rates up to 15 m3/h

PS 1800 CS 36-1

Solar-operated Centrifugal Surface Pump, flow rate up to 36 m3/h.
Part number: PS1800CS_36_1          Brochure

PS 600 CS 15-1

Solar-operated Centrifugal Surface Pump, flow rate up to 15 m3/h
Part number: ps600_cs_15_1      Brochure

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Grundfos Swimming Pool

Solar module are suitable for all Grundfos Renewable-energy based water pumping system.

GF 100 TF

GF100 TF is a high performance and high quality thinfilm solar module module.
Part number: GF 100 TF

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