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Turnkey Energy Solutions Africa
Dedicated to alternative power and energy saving. We offer Turnkey solutions on Solar Power, water heating and energy / electricity saving solutions.

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Load Shedding Solutions

Load shedding affects your bussiness and your home. TESA specialise in back up and standby power solutions. These vary and can be resolved by:-

- UPS (ininteruptable Power Supply) is an electrical aparatus that provides emergency power to a load when the input power source fails. The on battery run time of a UPS is typically quite short but sufficient to enable a standby generator to start up. UPS's are usually used to protect hardware such as computers, data centres telecommunication equipment, hospital operating theatres where an unexpected power disruption could cause serious business disruptions or data loss.

Types of UPS Devices

- Standby is the most basic - providing surge protection and back up when mains fail.

- Line Interactive - adds a few features in that it will smooth the voltage (brownouts) thus protecting very sensitive equipment.

- Online UPS - where the batteries are continuosly connected.

Inverter and battery bank - is installed to ensure continuous power to all or selected items in your office or home. The inverter will turn on instantly when the electricity utility goes off.This system can be sized according to your needs and is particularly useful when a noisy generator cannot be used.

- Solar Power - uses an inverter and solar panels which can be copuled to a battery bank. The system can be sized to save electricity and act as backup power simultaneously.

- Generartors

- A combination of the above

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Load Shedding Solutions, back up power